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Welcome to the Cultural Arts Corner




What is the Cultural Arts Program?

The Cultural Arts Program is a collection of PTA-sponsored events designed to enhance and enrich the learning experiences of the Waverly students.   Throughout the year, we offer assemblies, school field trips, author visits, artist-in-residence workshops and many other enrichment activities. The program is designed to encourage integration of the arts in school, enrich the core curriculum and promote student awareness of the life-long value of the arts.

The Cultural Arts Program is fully funded by the PTA. Membership donations and the proceeds from all of our fundraisers directly benefit our students through the Cultural Arts Program.

2015/2016 Schedule of Events


K & 1   Fire Safety Event                

K         Greenburgh Nature Center/Apple Cider Making        


1          Philipsburgh Manor Field Trip

K         Lou DelBianco/Thanksgiving Assembly                                   

1          Author Visit/Helen Lester           

1          Native American Workshops


K         Lou DelBianco/Around the World Assembly              

1          Lou DelBianco/Make a Good Choice Assembly                       

K & 1   Greedie Gracie/Share the Happy Play                            

1          Mad Science Walloping Weather Workshop                 


K         Lou DelBianco/Abraham Lincoln Assembly                

1          Jonathan Sprout American Heroes Assembly             


K & 1  Author Visit/Alyssa Capucilli


K         Bash the Trash                                

1          Earth Day Assembly                                  

1          Stone Barns Field Trip                  


1          Riitta Pollack/Artist in Residence          

K & 1   Paperbag Players Assembly          

K         Greenburgh Nature Center/A Bug’s Life                      


K & 1   Party Concert with Beth & Scott 

Event Updates

Below are recaps of events that have taken place so far in the 2015-2016 calendar year.  Be on the lookout for monthly updates!

October 2015

Fire Safety

Both kindergarten and first grade students were treated to a visit from Captain Pintavalle and Firefighter O’Leary from the Eastchester Fire Department, complete with fire truck in tow.   During the visit, Captain Pintavalle taught and reinforced basic fire-safety rules in a fun way which really captured the children’s attention.  Firefighter  O’Leary dressed in full gear and crawled across the pavement to show the children the way a firefighter looks and sounds when entering a fire.  The children were thrilled at the end of the assembly as each student was given the opportunity to spray the fire hose.


Greenburgh Nature Center Field Trip – Apple Cidering

The kindergarten students took a trip to the Greenburgh Nature Center to learn firsthand how apples are pressed into cider. Each child was able to take a turn using an old-fashioned screw press to make apple cider. In the process, they learned about the colonial experience of cider making and got a glimpse of old world Americana.  After the children enjoyed their freshly-made apple cider, they had a chance to visit the animals at the nature center before heading back to school.   


November 2015

Philipsburg Manor Field Trip – Touching the Past

The first grade students took a trip to the Philipsburg Manor to experience the “Touching the Past” program.  In a program designed to focus on family and community, past and present, the students explored colonial life in a tour of Philipsburg Manor that focused on sensory experiences. Students toured the colonial manor house, including a kitchen area filled with touchable objects, and discussed how houses today differ from colonial homes. Visiting the barn/farm, activity center, and mill, students participated in actual work that would have been done on-site 250 years ago. Hands-on activities included picking and carding wool, preparing food, and threshing wheat. 


Lou Del Bianco – Thanksgiving Assembly

The kindergarten students attended the first of four performances given by actor, singer and storyteller Lou DelBianco at Waverly. Through storytelling and song, the children learned what the Pilgrims and the Native Americans meant by being “thankful”.   Lou told authentic Native American legends as well as taught the children folk songs handed down from the earliest settlers.   The children were active participants in the performance, through acting as characters in the stories and by singing and dancing along to the songs.  At the end of the performance, the children left with a smile on their face and a better appreciation of what it means to be truly thankful.


Author Visit – Helen Lester

The first graders were visited by Helen Lester, author of Tacky the Penguin and many other children’s books.  She read to the students and shared stories with them, helping to promote literacy and the concept that reading really is fun.  She also explained the process by which her illustrator, Lynn Munsinger, designed the pages for her books. She autographed books for the children.  Helen was very enthusiastic which was contagious and made for an enjoyable experience for the children.


Native American Workshops

The first-grade students participated in classroom workshops which focused on the many intriguing aspects of local Native American life, highlighting the contributions of their diverse and fascinating cultures to our nation's history.  Some of the hands-on learning during the workshop included shelling and popping "Indian Corn," making a corn husk doll, playing a traditional game, making headbands, applying face paint made of berries, and exploring other materials used for food, tools, and clothing.  This program helped enrich the school curriculum and provide a greater understanding for other cultures.

January 2016

Lou Del Bianco – Around the World

Lou Del Bianco returned to Waverly to perform his show entitled “Around the World” for the kindergarten students.  In this performance Lou told folktales and fables that originated in cultures around the world, including Africa, North and South America, Asia and Europe. The stories taught valuable lessons about such things as the consequences of being greedy and dishonest.  Once again the children were active participants, having lots of fun singing along to the songs and acting out the stories, while taking away important life lessons and learning about different cultures.


Lou Del Bianco – Make a Good Choice

This show was attended by the first graders at Waverly.  In “Make a Good Choice”, Lou focused on stories about his childhood, sharing the daily joys, dreams and mistakes that today’s kids can relate to, laugh at, and understand.  The children had the opportunity to decide what kinds of choices they would make if they were in Lou’s position and how those choices reflect on their own lives.  As always, songs and interactive participation made the show very enjoyable for the children.  Most importantly, they learned lessons about being honest and responsible, showing respect for others, and being kind to, and tolerant of, all those around us.  


Greedy Gracie – Share the Happy

Both Kindergarten and First Graders had the opportunity to attend a musical in the school gymnasium where the performers were also children.  The show’s main character, Gracie, takes on too much responsibility, instead of reaching out to friends for help.  But when she is feeling overwhelmed and finally realizes that she is a “greedy giver”, she learns to share the jobs and the “happy” that comes when everyone gets involved. The storyline promotes participation over perfection and cooperation over competition.  The children learned valuable lessons about friendship, leadership and teamwork. 


Mad Science – Walloping Weather Workshops

For this event, an instructor from Mad Science conducted workshops in each of the first grade classrooms which focused on understanding weather patterns and the reasons for the changing seasons. This workshop helped reinforce what the children have been taught as part of their science curriculum.  They had fun conducting experiments of their own, including measuring wind speed, simulating cloud density, and creating extended weather forecasts.   

February 2016

Lou Del Bianco – Abraham Lincoln

To further enhance the curriculum around President’s Day, Lou Del Bianco returned to Waverly for his fourth and final performance of the 2015/2016 school year.  The kindergarten class was in for a treat as he arrived in character as the 16th president of the United States, Abraham Lincoln.  He told stories and sang songs about Abraham Lincoln’s experiences growing up and lessons he learned along the way.  The kindergarten class gained a deeper insight into Abraham Lincoln’s life, while also learning lessons about such things as the importance of telling the truth and working hard to achieve your goals.


Jonathon Sprout – American Heroes

Keeping with the patriotic spirit of President’s Day, the 1st graders were treated to a truly moving performance by singer and songwriter Jonathon Sprout.  Jonathon told stories through song about such historical figures in our country as Martin Luther King, Jr., Sacajawea, George Washington, Amelia Earhart and Abraham Lincoln.  The children were entertined by the performance, while learning about these remarkable figures in our nation’s history.


     March 2016

Author Visit – Alyssa Capucilli

As part of National Reading month, the children were treated to a visit by the author of the well known “Biscuit” series of books, Alyssa Capucilli.  Alyssa told stories about her experiences and how they gave her the ideas for her books.  She encouraged them to use their imagination and creativity to become authors and/or illustrators of their own stories.  She also showed them how books are made and produced, in a very interesting way.  She read some of her stories with the children, and allowed time for the children to ask questions.  The children were eager to pose many thoughtful questions and Alyssa enjoyed answering all of them.

     April 2016

Bash the Trash

In an effort to further enhance the curriculum around Earth Day, the kindergarten class gathered to experience a performance entitled “Bash the Trash”.  The performance was centered around the theme of “reusing” items that we might initially cast away as trash.  The talented group of performers made and played various instruments out of so called “trash”.  It became an interactive concert that the kids thoroughly enjoyed, while challenging them to think about the environment and how they can help to protect it through the everyday decisions they make.   

Stone Barns Field Trip

The 1st grade had the opportunity to visit the Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture. One of the primary missions of Stone Barns is to help children and adults discover how good food is grown and tastes.  By educating people about food and farming, they hope to encourage the food citizens of today and our future to make healthier choices for themselves and the planet.  The children gained valuable knowledge about making healthy food choices while also enjoying some time on the farm.

May 2016

Paperbag Players

Both the kindergarten and 1st graders experienced live theater right in the Waverly gymnasium.  The Paperbag Players is a theater group whose shows are based on children’s everyday experiences.  Their show was a compilation of short plays, fun songs and dances, audience participation, and painting and drawing on stage. Cardboard boxes and brown craft paper brightened with splashes of poster paint and crayon transformed into their eye catching sets, props and costumes.  The children were dazzled and captivated by the performance and the variation of sets from the very beginning to the very end.

Artist in Residence:

  The first grade class had the opportunity to participate in an in classroom artist in residence program hosted by artist, Riitta Pollack.  Over the course of five sessions, Riitta taught the children about selected artists and their styles of painting.  The students then had the opportunity to create their own works of art based on the styles they had learned about.

June 2016

A Bug’s Life

To further build upon what the kindergarten class is learning as part of their Science curriculum, the students took a field trip back to Greenburgh Nature Center, for a program entitled “A Bug’s Life”.  The children took a guided tour of the live insects that inhabit the nature center and were able to observe them in their natural habitat and learn about their life cycles and how they survive.  They also viewed active bee hives (from a safe distance of course) and learned how bees make honey.        

Beth & Scott’s Dance Party

The last event of the year is a fun filled dance party, where the students from both kindergarten and 1st grade will gather in the Waverly gymnasium, with all their grade level classmates, to dance and sing along with entertainers, Beth and Scott.  What better way to end a great year than an interactive dance party!


Event Pictures

Click on the link below for pictures from the 2015-2016 events: